Egyptian dance: Raqs Sharqi

Morcrafts values and encourages cultural exchange across continents. One of our major accomplishments was organizing the first ever workshop in Raqs Sharqi, a traditional Egyptian dance for women, in Mumbai.

Morcrafts invited internationally acclaimed dancers, Suraya Hilal and her former student, Liza Wedgwood, to conduct a workshop in Mumbai. In 1987, Liza formed the Filigree dance company along with Sujata Banerjee. Together they explored the roots which link Flamenco, Raqs Sharqi, and Kathak-an Indian classical dance.

Raqs Sharqi has kept the craft traditions of Egypt alive with its exuberant use of costumes and jewellery. During the Mumbai workshop tents were set up to exhibit these crafts which bear a striking resemblance to Indian handicrafts.

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