Morarka Cultural Centre


The Morarka Cultural Centre’s work focuses on the applied arts, including design and craft, and regularly funds research projects in this field. The Centre organises symposia, exhibitions and film screenings, and publishes periodicals. It also conducts workshops that bring together rural craftspeople and urban designers.

The Founders

Previously housed in the prestigious National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA), Mumbai, Morcrafts is funded by a Rs. 3.5 million grant from Kamal Morarka. Sangita Kathiwada, creative director of Mélange, is the also director of Morcrafts. Her vision and direction steer the activities of this non-profit.


Indian culture today continues to draw heavily upon its heritage of crafts. Whether we speak of traditional musical instruments that are still handmade, or admire the skilled embroidery that embellishes clothes and accessories the world over, we are constantly reminded of what we owe our artisans. It is this sense of indebtedness that led to the founding of Morcrafts, whose goals are two fold:

  • To ignite an intellectual awareness of the rich and varied heritage of Indian arts and crafts;

  • To fuel the actual creation of products based on traditional crafts and influenced by modern design.

We regularly fund research projects, organize symposiums, exhibitions, and film screenings, and publish periodicals to fulfill the former. We also conduct workshops that bring together rural crafts-persons and urban designers to achieve the latter.